We help Danish agriculturalists
– save energy, reduce the noise of ventilation, and improve lighting

Are you part of the agricultural sector and do you work with animals?

Then you must be aware of the huge energy costs, noise levels, and difficulties securing proper light in your day-to-day work life.

At Green Industry, we help others across your industry
– and would love to help you find the solutions best suited for your needs.

Should you choose to transition to our LED lights, you would stand to benefit in a variety of ways:

• Significant savings on your energy bill – a large proportion of clients save more than 60%
• Improvements in light quality compared to fluorescent lamps; we often reuse existing fixtures
• LED pipes that stay cool, meaning that you no longer have to clean up fly faeces with the same rigour required with traditional fluorescent lamps
• Quiet ventilation equipment that improves working and living conditions for employees as well as animals
• Energy-saving EC-motors that enable annual savings of up to 70% on your energy bill

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Beierholm increases production with the help of Green Industry

The utmost priority at Beierholm is the smooth running of production, even in times of barn modernisations. For this reason, owner Poul Bruhn demands that his collaborators have the right attitude towards his business:

“Green Industry employs people who know what they’re dealing with. They follow up at every step along the way and even though we had to keep up the day-to-day running of the business while our ventilation systems and lamps were being changed, the fitters were cooperative. Green Industry works in a remarkably professional manner and we’re beyond satisfied with our new ventilation.”
“Then again, it must be easy to sell the best ventilation systems on the market. After the installation, my problem was that I couldn’t hear if the ventilation was on or not. I had to actually go check to see if it was,” Poul Bruhn adds, with a smile on his face.

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