FC Helsingør in a league of its own

After FC Helsingør has moved into the Alka superleague, football has become a pleasure for the club in more than one sense.

FC Helsingør’s new LED lightning system gives the club many advantages. First and foremost, the light quality helps to provide both players and spectators with a better experience of the club’s home ground battles.

A correct color temperature of 5200K also helps ensure accurate daylight impressions, giving a better contrast to the ball, playing surface, and players due to superior color rendering and enhanced brightness.

Watch the video about the many benefits an LED lighting system can provide for a superb club as well as the entire course of the installation here:

Green Industry helps Danish Businesses save on energy 23 March 2017

A particularly persistent challenge to Danish businesses is energy policy. This is a fact that can no longer be ignored; decisions must be made.

Streamlining of energy through the collaboration with Green Industry is a sustainable alternative to cutting expenses. The pivotal thing for businesses is finding the right supplier, with the right solutions.

Green Industry is establishing collaborative agreements with a growing number of influential Danish businesses



Green Industry sponsors Østerbro Idrætsforening 14 March 2017

In collaboration with sports manager Casper Christensen, Grøn Industri has entered into an agreement pertaining to sponsorship of Østerbro IF.
Green Industry are delighted to sponsor Østerbro IF, who have had remarkable success across the board
With their history of being Football Club of the Year 2015 in Copenhagen municipality and DBU Copenhagen’s Football Club of the Year 2016, Østerbro IF has gained more than 500 members in 2016. In the eyes of Green Industry, this is an impressive result that shows how deserving Østerbro IF is of a sponsorship.

Green Industry has become an AAA Lux Arena Lighting supplier 2 March 2017

Green Industry is shaping up to become a significant player outside industry, within the world of sports.

After having installed equipment at Århus harbour, Green Industry has chosen to progress to arena lighting for professional ballsports clubs. Much of the success of the project at Århus harbour can be attributed to the involvement of engineering experts.

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