Green ventilation

Do you work in the agricultural sector? Do you wish to save money on the day-to-day-running of your business?

Then your first step should be having a look at your stable ventilation.

There are innumerable advantages to ‘green ventilation’:

  • You save money by switching from Triac to EC enginges
  • Our ventilation equipment is silent and improves the work environment for you as well as your staff
  • The reduction in noise level calms the animals and improves overall satisfaction
  • Multiple agriculturalists have described our ventilation equipment as “the best ventilator on the market”

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EC engines

Our silent EC engines help you reduce your electricity bill, thereby saving money. Compared to Triac-regulated ventilation equipment, you could stand to save up to 70%. EC engines can be mounted in all existing installations. Should you choose to replace your equipment entirely, this can be done at an affordable price. It takes three years to earn back the investment.

EC engines are pressure-stabilised, meaning that the pressure conditions in the stables are stabilised when the ventilation equipment is running – even during times of strong winds.

Air mixer

The air mixer sucks in air and can either be used as a negative or an equal pressure unit.

The mixer is built using the strong and low-maintenance element polyurethane. The mixer recirculates the air in the stables and protects the animals from draughts.

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