We help the health sector
– establish a green profile, save on energy, and improve welfare

Are you responsible for a hospital department, general practice, or employed within the health, care, or nursing sectors?

Then you might be familiar with the negative impact improper lighting can have on your patients, citizens, and staff. You probably also know that you spend huge amounts on electricity and that you are met with demands to act more environmentally responsible.

At Green Industry, we help others across your industry
– and would love to help you find the solutions best suited for your needs.

Should you choose to transition to our LED lights, you would stand to benefit in a variety of ways:

• Your users and patients will be happier, as our LED lights resemble natural light more than any other kind of lighting
• You avoid problems related to pulsating and flickering lights, thus establishing a better work environment and bringing about a decrease in the number of employee sick days
• You officially become more environmentally responsible
• Your energy bill decreases and you can spend the money on something that adds value for you and your patients instead

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Rigshospitalet - blødt lys til skarpe priser

Quality and safe delivery for Rigshospitalet

The lights at Rigshospitalet have to function properly round the clock. Naturally, this means that quality and price are heavily researched before bringing in a new supplier.

Electrician Thomas Flackeberg is more than satisfied with the products and services offered by Green Industry, but ensured that both underwent heavy scrutiny before their approval:

“When we start looking into potential collaborators, there are a few things we evaluate particularly closely. The task assigned to Green Industry was to supply prototypes for lighting in one room at the hospital. Everything was installed and then we controlled the levels, strength, durability, etc. of the lights. We consider durability to be of the utmost importance – the less maintenance required, the better.

Likewise, we remain sceptical when mounting equipment from unfamiliar suppliers without references, or from suppliers who might not be able to deliver the same product five years from now. In our eyes, quality isn’t just about the light itself. It’s also about logistics in terms of future deliveries.
One last thing: we choose to collaborate solely with partners who understand what ‘good teamwork’ entails. I pegged Andrew from Green Industry as an honest person right off the bat – in the busy day-to-day running of the hospital, that’s absolutely vital.”

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