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– present their products in better lighting

Do you work in the retail industry? Do you perhaps own your own shop, chain, or supermarket?

Then you are undoubtedly saddled with an enormous energy bill, thanks to long hours, refrigerated displays, and equipment used to heat and/or cool your workspace. On top of that, you most likely spend a lot of time thinking about how to present your products in an appealing way. As you surely know, light is a deciding factor.

At Grøn Industri, we help others across your industry

– and would love to help you find the solutions best suited for your needs.

Should you choose to transition to our LED lights, you would stand to benefit in a variety of ways:

  • Significant energy savings – some customers save more than 60%
  • Increased visual appeal of your products, thanks to our lights that are easily comparable to natural lighting
  • Higher employee satisfaction through the establishment of a better work environment
  • Access to the desirable brand image of being a green and environmentally friendly shop

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Punkt 1 never have to change bulbs

When taking over four Punkt 1 shops, like Director Lasse Wehlast has, it’s nice to be able to make your mark on them. One of the tasks at the top of his wishlist was better lighting, because, as he noted, the light in the shops was just far too dark:

“When you walk into a shop, you want to feel welcome and we want you to be able to see our products, so naturally, lighting plays a vital role. That’s why I reached out to Green Industry as soon as they were recommended to me. The process was simple and the results are amazing: all our shops are now bathed in pleasant, natural light.”
With LED lights from Green Industry, Lasse Wehlast never has to spend resources on maintenance and bulb changing. He wanted everything to work and, thanks to the cooperation with our employee, Simon, it does:

“Not only was Simon great at telling us about all the products available and the financing model that enables us to save a lot of money, but he also made sure that we knew were we were in the changeover process at all times. He always made sure that we were satisfied with the progress, which I greatly appreciate! All in all, it’s been easy to change to our new, energy-saving lights – I definitely recommend that everyone else do the same.”

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